Blount Auto Parts Salvage

Blount Auto Parts Salvage

24559 Highway 79
Trafford, AL 35172

Phone: (205) 680-1750
Fax: (205) 680-0711

We Sell Used Cars And Trucks Parts. From 1925 To Present Day!

Blount Auto Parts Opened Its Doors Many, Many Years Ago And Have Consistently Been Providing Quality-Recycled Parts Ever Since.

Sell Your Car Fast! We Pay Top Dollar.An Assortment Of Motorcycle Parts.Over 9 Acres Of American And Foreign Cars And A Lot Of Late Model Cars.

Blount Auto Parts Has Been Providing Quality Used And Remanufactured Parts In Alabama Since 1972, And Now We Provide The Same Quality And Low Prices Nationwide.

In Alabama, Blount Auto Parts Is Focused On Buy Cars, Scrap Car Parts, Junk Yard Car For Sale, Used Pickup Parts Salvage, Used Auto Parts Salvage, Scrap Metal Open On Sunday And Copper Scrap Yard.

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