Daves 278 Salvage

Daves 278 Salvage

Phone: 256-447-8415

We Are A Buyer And Seller Of Scrap Iron And Steel

Daves 278 Salvage Is A Trusted Name In The Auto Salvage Industry. Providing Quality Parts Has Been Our Focus Since Its Humble Beginnings. We Are Sure To Provide You With A Large Selection Of Parts For A Wide Variety Of Makes, Models And Years.

Engine Replacement Parts. We Sell Used Oil Pans, Distributors, Injectors, Brackets, Flywheels, Timing Chain Covers, Balancers, Valve Covers, Mounts, Exhaust Manifolds, Engine Bolts, Intakes, Carburetors, And More.

Daves 278 Salvage Specializes In Many Areas, And Offers Services Related To Recyle Auto, Auto Recycler Parts, Auto Salvage, Scrap Metal Pick Up, Used Car Junk Yard And Car Yard Parts.

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