Kens Auto Salvage Inc

Kens Auto Salvage Inc

Phone: 205-428-5111

Specializing In New And Used Combine Parts.

Kens Auto Salvage Inc Is One Of Alabama’s Largest And Oldest Auto Salvage Yards, Junkyards. We Specialize In Used Auto Parts, Including Car And Truck Parts In Our Massive Auto Parts Lot.

Kens Auto Salvage Inc Is An Automotive Recycler That Has Been Family Owned And Operated Since 1972. We Have A Very Professional Staff That Is Eager To Help In Fulfilling Your Auto Parts Needs. We Specialize In Recycled Car And Truck Parts. We Also Carry New Parts Such As Fuel Tanks, Radiators, Windshields And Tail Lamps.

Alabama’s Best Source For Scrap Your Car, Salvage Yard Parts, Metal Scrap, Salvage Scrap Metal, Auto Scrap, Junkyard Cars For Sale, Used Car Parts Junk Yard And Auto Recycling Parts.

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