Troy Sellers Auto

Troy Sellers Auto

2601 Buttermilk Road
Cottondale, AL 35453

Phone: (205) 556-7321
Fax: (205) 562-8565

We Have Over 35 Acres Of American And Foreign Auto And Truck Parts.We Ship And Deliver Daily.We Pre-Test Our Engines And Inspect Other Parts Carefully Before Shipping.All Parts Are Guarantee 90 Days.

We Maintain An Extensive Inventory Of Used Batteries And Tires Of Various Sizes, As Well As A Wide Range Of Quality Used Parts For All Domestic And Foreign Cars.

Late Model Cars And Trucks Auto Parts And Supplies

At Troy Sellers Auto, We Know Junk Yard Salvage, Scrap Metal Prices Brass, Auto Parts Locator, Car Recycling, Metal Recycling Prices, Auto Salvage Sites, Cast Iron Scrap And Used Auto Parts.

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2 comments on “Troy Sellers Auto
  1. Louis Prestier says:

    I Have a 2007 Honda Pilot, Wrecked in the Front end. I would like to know what it would cost to fix. or if you would purchase it for your Yard. It was Wrecked on Aug 7, 2021 by a Criminal running from the Tuscaloosa Police Department, His Insurance told me they did not have to fix my car because he was involved in a Criminal Act when he hit my Truck. Engine and Transmission should Still be ok. Engine was Damn Good. No Oil Leaks, or any other Fluids.

  2. Shelley Smith says:

    I’m looking for a front driver’s and passengers seat!do u have anything?

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