Gila Recycling

Gila Recycling

Phone: 480-967-7800
Cell: 800-444-5665
Fax: 480-921-8160

Specialists In Late Model, Foreign And Domestic, Car And Truck Parts.

60 Acres Of Both Foreign And Domestic 60’S To Current New Pull Off Doors..New Pull Off Front Ends Lots Of Oldies

We Specialize In Corvette And Truck Parts.

We Are Your #1 Source For High Quality Used Japanese Domestic Market Engines, Parts And Accessories. All Of Our Parts Come From Good Condition Low Mileage Vehicles Purchased Through Auction Or Insurance Source By Our Supplier Shine Star Corporation, Which Operates A Vehicle Recycling Facility In Japan.

We specialize in foreign and domestic cars & trucks.

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Salvage Yard Inventory, Sell Car To Scrap Yard, Auto Parts Junk Yard, Scrap My Car, Car Salvage Parts, Auto Salvage Cars And Metal Salvage.

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