Nelson’s Truck Salvage

Nelson’s Truck Salvage

Phone: 520-568-0035

We Sell Used Auto Parts For Import Cars. We Have Been Open Since 1967. We Have A 4 Acre Yard. Serviing Customers Since 1980. We Offer Used And Aftermarket Parts. 90-Day Standard Warranty.

Through Our Simple Online Quote Process, A Buyer Will Speak Directly With You To Schedule A Convenient Pick-Up Time For Your Vehicle.

We Are Proud To Offer Quality Used Auto Parts To Customers In The Maricopa, Arizona Area. If You Have A Junk Car To Sell Or Are Looking To Pick Up Some Auto Parts, Feel Free To Visit Us And Enjoy Our Great Customer Service.

Sell and find used classic truck parts and other antiques.

Nelson’s Truck Salvage Is Located In Arizona, Specializing In Recycling Vehicles, Price Of Scrap Iron, Scrap Metal Buyers, Recyclage Auto, Scrap Yard For Cars And Scrap Metal Place.

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