Bavarian Auto Recycling

Bavarian Auto Recycling

Phone: 916-638-0991
Cell: 800-269-8970

Truck And Car Parts.

Salvage Yard Specializing In Foreign And Domestic Makes

Bavarian Auto Recycling Specializes In After-Market Crash Parts.

We Are A Late Model Yard With About 1000 Autos And Trucks, We Have Both Foreign And Domestic Trucks And Cars.

Quality Used Late Model Honda And Acura Auto Parts

We Specialize In Foreign And Smaller Domestic Cars. Mostly Mid 80’S To Mid 90’S.

Huge inventory of used & rebuilt BMW Parts All parts cleaned and tested. Six-month unlimited mileage guarantee.

In California, Bavarian Auto Recycling Is Focused On Metal Scrap, Salvage Car Parts Sale, Scrap Metal Prices Brass, Car Salvage Parts, Scrap Your Car, Auto Parts Recyclers And Junkyard Used Parts.

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