B&H Salvage

B&H Salvage

Phone: 805-322-1729
E-mail: dnorman@gem.kern.com

All Makes And Models – Foreign And Domestic, Motors, Windshields, Body Parts New And Used, Transmissions, Rear Ends.

B&H Salvage Carries A Wide Selection Of Foreign Cars, Specializing In Honda, Toyota, And Mercedes.

Our Goal Is To Provide Friendly, Individual Attention And High Quality Parts To All Our Valued Customers. With Over 100 Combined Years Of Automotive Experience In Our Salesforce, We Know You Will Be Happy You Called Us!

New & used parts for almost any Harley-Davidson.

In California, B&H Salvage Is Focused On Scrap Iron, Scrap Yard For Car Parts, Auto Yard Salvage, Junk Yard For Parts, Wrecking Yard, Salvage Yard Cars For Sale And Scrap Car Pick Up.

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