Simla Salvage

Simla Salvage

Phone: 719-541-2886

Salvage Yard In Simla, Colorado. Automated Inventory Parts

Here At Simla Salvage We Employ An Experienced And Inventive Staff With The Know – How To Create And Develop The Kind Of Support Systems And Procedures That Help Ensure Satisfied Customers.

We Also Carry New Aftermarket Parts Call Us About Door Handles, Mirrors Etc. We Are An Exclusive Distributor Of New, Used, And Refurbished Gm Auto Parts.

Simla Salvage Specializes In Many Areas, And Offers Services Related To Auto Part Junkyard, Junk Yard Sale, Used Parts Locator, Auto Parts, Used Auto Parts Local And Truck Salvage.

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3 comments on “Simla Salvage
  1. Eugene Pantano says:

    Careful.. The owner..has no clue about pricing old beat up car parts. A rough bumper from a 1958 Ford – is a “core”.. I was charged the price of a re-chromed bumper – for junk. My fault..I trusted the guy — and got the shaft.
    Best to stay away…or..get an absolute FIRM price before removing a bolt !!
    Another mistake I made… Spent hours removing parts…loaded into my truck..and then .. he dropped the bomb … 500 bucks “plus” for a junk 1958 FORD bumper..left side and center grill pieces for a 1956 Ford – both badly blistered and peeling…ALL CORE pieces.. Best to stay away..

    • Jim Donnelly says:

      This character was offered a full refund, decided instead to keep the parts and complain! If he was unhappy with the condition of the parts as he was assisting with their removal, why in the world did he pay for them and wait until he got home to complain? …and then not accept the refund? I guess some people are only happy when they find something to be unhappy about.

  2. Tom Liedel says:

    I am so happy to have came across you .
    Everything you have sent me has been over the top, I never thought I would be able to find parts of this quality. Wow !
    Watch this nice old 57 Ford Custom turn into a Very Kool Car over the next couple of months.
    Thank you again for such high quality parts

    The people that run the place will do whatever is needed to make you happy!
    Their shipping time and cost is awesome.

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