C & S Corvettes

C & S Corvettes

5317 Ashton Court
Sarasota, FL 34233

Phone: (941) 923-5064
Fax: (941) 923-7592
E-mail: cscorvette@verizon.net

C & S Corvettes Specializes In Late Model Quality Used Auto Parts We Handle Cars, Trucks, And Vans 4X2, 4X4. We Offer 1 Year, 2 Year And Lifetime Warranties On The Majority Of All Our Parts.

All American Cars And Trucks With A Broad Inventory Of Older Foreign Vehicles Also.

C & S Corvettes Sells Used Automotive Parts. We Fully Dismantle Vehicles And Offer Parts, Including Body Parts, Mechanical Parts, Hoods, Fenders, Motors, Transmissions, And Suspension. We Also Have Several Used Cars Available.

For thirty years, we have been serving the Corvette Enthusiast Community in Southwest Florida. Over the past year, however, we have seen our business expand exponentially due to our auctions on eBay. Through the contacts we have made over the last three decades we can offer the owner of a 1963 – 1996 Corvette the same quality Corvette parts the national Corvette catalogs feature. Unlike the big Corvette catalogs, though, we can offer our quality Corvette parts at a substantial discount because we are a small company with far less overhead than our competition.

C & S Corvettes Is Located In Florida, Specializing In Auto Car Parts, Salvage Yard Auto, Pickup Parts Junkyard, Wreck Yard, Scrap Your Car, Copper Scrap Metal Prices And Auto Scrap.

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