B-20 Auto

B-20 Auto

Phone: 641-357-3302
E-mail: bakerjosh@wartburg.edu

B-20 Auto Is The Leading Junk And Trash Removal Company Servicing Clear Lake. We Can Haul Away Any Junk From Your Business Or Home. We Donate Or Recycle As Much As We Can So That We Can Minimize What Ends Up In The Landfill. We Are An Ecofriendly Company!

We Also Pay The Highest Price For Junk Cars. We Will Pay You Cash On The Spot And Tow Your Car For No Charge.

Our Services Are Available In Both English And French. We Provide Shipping Across Canada And Overnight Shipping In The Usanda.

80’s and early 90’s American cars. We sell our parts at VERY affordable prices. We sell rebuilt automobiles at affordable prices as well.

Iowa’s Best Source For Parts Used For Cars, Used Auto Car Parts, Scrap Yard Prices For Cars, Recycling Vehicles, Car Yard Parts, New Car Salvage Yard, Vehicle Salvage Yard And Car Removal.

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