Hawkins Of Mayfield, Inc.

Hawkins Of Mayfield, Inc.

Phone: 207-247-5234
Cell: 800-633-7047
Fax: 207-247-5909
E-mail: sales@hawkinsofmayfield.com

Hawkins Of Mayfield, Inc. Has The Best Junkyard For Do-It-Yourself Auto Repairs In Kentucky. We Have The Best Prices In The Metro Area. We Are Open Seven Days A Week For You To Call Or Come By And Get A Part. We Buy Junk Cars For Cash!

25 Acres Of Top Quality Used Parts Family Owned And Operated We Purchase End Of Life Vehciles Licensed Recycler In Kentucky

All But Cut Parts Are Off And On The Shelf. We Have Good Eyes And Know Right From Wrong.

Quality used parts and some new parts available.

Hawkins Of Mayfield, Inc. Provides Kentucky With Use Parts For Cars, Junkyard Auto Salvage, Auto Part Junkyard, Scrap Metal Suppliers, Auto Parts Recyclers And Recycle Auto Body Parts.

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