Gahn Motor Service

Gahn Motor Service

Phone: 318-468-5694

3,000 Cars In Our Yard. Old And Late Model. We Go Back To The 60’S

Gahn Motor Service Is Committed To Providing Our Customers With Quality Auto Parts At Exceptional Prices.

Selling Used Parts And Recycling Metals Is Only Part Of What We Do. We Are A Registered Dealer And Have Used Cars/Trucks/Vans/Suvs And Much More For Sale.

At Gahn Motor Service, We Usually Have A Running Stock Of Around 200-400 Cars. Parts From The 50’S All The Up To Mid 90’S Vehicles Are Available Here.

At Gahn Motor Service, We Know Auto Salvage Yard For Sale, Motor Salvage Yard, Used Truck Parts, Recycling Yard, Scrap Metal Prices Brass, Junkyard Cars For Sale And Auto Parts Junk Yard.

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