Henderson Auto Salvage & Towng

Henderson Auto Salvage & Towng

Phone: 410-482-7264

At Henderson Auto Salvage & Towng, Our Goal Is To Deliver The Best Service A Junk Car Buying Company Can Possibly Deliver.

Our Extensive Late Model Inventory Allows Us To Say Yes More Often Than Any One Else In The Area.

Large Yard, Many Older Vehicles. You Pull It Or We Will. Not Computerized, So Prices Are Usually Cheaper.

Engine Replacement Parts. We Sell Used Oil Pans, Distributors, Injectors, Brackets, Flywheels, Timing Chain Covers, Balancers, Valve Covers, Mounts, Exhaust Manifolds, Engine Bolts, Intakes, Carburetors, And More.

Henderson Auto Salvage & Towng Provides Maryland With Car Parts From Junkyard, Scrap Metal Disposal, Use Parts For Cars, Buy Junk Cars, Buy Scrap Metal, Truck Scrap Yard And Truck Salvage.

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