John Anderson Auto Body & Parts

John Anderson Auto Body & Parts

Phone: 616-754-5778

5 Acres Of American And Foreign Cars And Light Trucks. 1970’S To 1990’S. We Specialize In Rust Free Doors, Bumpers And Gas Tanks.

We Are A Full Service Auto Salvage And Automotive Recycling Center. Our Inventory Is Computerized And Highly Accurate, And Our Helpful Staff Will Make Every Effort To Find The Part You Need, Even Locating It Elsewhere In The Country, If Needed!

Because Repair Isn’t Always The Best Option, Sell Your Car To John Anderson Auto Body & Parts Where We Buy Cars In Less-Than-Perfect Condition.

John Anderson Auto Body & Parts Is Located In Michigan, Specializing In Vehicle Recycling, Junk Yard For Cars, Vehicle Junk Yard, Junkyard Car Prices, Pick N Pull Junk Cars And Autorecycling.

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