Zabel Auto Salvage

Zabel Auto Salvage

6288 West Kruger Road
Three Oaks, MI 49128

Phone: (269) 756-3841

Family Owned Business For 65 Years Dealing With Late Model American And Foreign Auto And Truck Parts Serving The The Michigan Area. Extended Guarantees Fast Service All Credit Cards

We Carry Parts For All Makes And Models. Our Inventory Changes Constantly And We Are Always Getting New Parts In Stock. There Are Over 40,000 New And Used Bumpers On Our Shelves.

If It Fits Between The Bumpers, Zabel Auto Salvage Probably Has It In Stock.

Zabel Auto Salvage Specializes In Many Areas, And Offers Services Related To Junk Yard Parts, Salvage Scrap Cars For Sale, Scrap Car Parts, Junkyard Car Parts And Car Salvage Company.

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