Doug’s Auto Parts

Doug’s Auto Parts

Phone: 507-537-1487

Specializing In Late Model Imports And Domestics

We Specialize In Used Willys/Jeep Parts (New And Used)For The Flatfender Years. Most Of Our Stuff Is Awesome.

With Over 4,000 Vehicles In Stock, Doug’s Auto Parts Are Specialists In Both Foreign And Domestic Auto Salvage For Years Ranging From 1970 – Current.

Our Company Works As A Parts Locator Service For You, And We Work With Over 5000+ Parts Houses From All Over The Usa, As Well As Canada.Typically, Our Searches Come Up With A Positive Hit 99% Of The Time, And Often, You Will Have Many Choices.

Doug’s Auto Parts Provides Minnesota With Selling Cars To Junk Yard, Salvage Yard Parts, Scrap Car Removal, Salvage Car Parts For Sale, Junk Yard With Car For Sale And Junk Your Car.

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