Twin Cities Auto & Military Parts

Twin Cities Auto & Military Parts

Phone: 651-774-3339
Cell: 800-532-7487
Fax: 651-778-0904

Twin Cities Auto & Military Parts Recycles Any Junk Car And Reuses All Of The Salvageable Vehicle Components Reducing Automotive Waste And Saving Customers Money On Used Parts That Would Otherwise Be Scraped.

Selling Used Parts And Recycling Metals Is Only Part Of What We Do. We Are A Registered Dealer And Have Used Cars/Trucks/Vans/Suvs And Much More For Sale.

Twin Cities Auto & Military Parts Has Been In Busines Since 1927. We Carry Foreign And Domestic Cars And Trucks And Have The Corner On Older Bmw Parts. We Are Also On The Hollander

At Twin Cities Auto & Military Parts, We Know Car Parts Yard, Used Car Parts Online, Junk Car Recycling, Junk Yard Parts, Junkyard Auto Parts, Used Auto Engines For Sale And Auto Junk Parts.

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