Pearson’s Used Auto

Pearson’s Used Auto

Phone: 662-289-1511
Cell: 800-748-9431

Many Foreign Vehicles. Mainly Mazda And Selective Four Year Old Japanese Vehicles.

We Specialize In Porsche 356 And 911, Engines Parts, Builders

Pearson’s Used Auto Opened Its Doors Many, Many Years Ago And Have Consistently Been Providing Quality-Recycled Parts Ever Since.

Pearson’s Used Auto Occupies Eight Acres With An Inventory Consisting Of The Complete Lines In Japanese, German And Domestic Auto Parts.

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Used Auto Part, Iron Scrap Metal Prices, Salvage Auto Parts, Wrecking Yard, Junkyard Used Auto Parts, Junkyard Locator And Pick And Pull Auto Wreckers.

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