Buddy’s Auto Mall

Buddy’s Auto Mall

Phone: 417-882-4497
Cell: 800-482-4497

We Have 2500 Vehicles In Inventory.

Domestic Or Foreign, Early Or Late-Model, We Carry All The Parts To Help You Get The Job Done!

Buddy’s Auto Mall Headquartered In Missouri, Is A State Of The Art Recycyling Facility.

All Makes And Models – Foreign And Domestic, Motors, Windshields, Body Parts New And Used, Transmissions, Rear Ends.

We’re A Salvage Yard That Specializes In Southern Hospitality! We’ve Provided Customers With Late-Model Foreign Car Salvage Since 1976.

Missouri’s Best Source For Auto Parts Yard, Junkyard Buy Cars, Pick Up Cars, Yard Metals, Auto Wrecking, Junkyard Auto Salvage, Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices, Car Parts And Yard Junk.

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