County Line Auto Parts

County Line Auto Parts

1828 Northwest Us 50 Highway
Kingsville, MO 64061

Phone: (800) 801-7787
Fax: (816) 697-3350

County Line Auto Parts Is A Family Owned Business With Over Twenty Years Experience Selling The Best Quality And Most Dependable Foreign Parts To Suit Your Needs.

County Line Auto Parts Founded In 1942 In, Have Over 60 Years Of Experience In New And Used Parts, As Well As Pre-Owned Vehicles. Your Satisfaction Continues To Be Our Priority.

We Accept Visa And Master Card For Your Convenience

We’d Rather Sell It Cheap Than Have It Sit There And Go Bad! We Have Classic Fixer-Uppers, Parts Carcasses And Everything In Between.

From the moment the phone is answered until your parts arrive we are always looking for new ways to raise the bar on your expectations and experience. It’s our People who make the Difference!

County Line Auto Parts will always strive to be a leader in the auto recycling industry dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing a quality part at a fair price quickly and as described.

County Line Auto Parts specializes in late model auto parts at affordable prices. Our huge selection and network of providers will suit your every need.

We have a substantial inventory of refurbished lights in like factory condition. These lights can be located by searching our inventory and are on the shelf, ready for shipment

If you have a light with a lens that has scuffs or scratches and/or is foggy and hazy, we can remove the scratches and discoloration restoring the light to like factory condition. After receiving your light, we will ship the refurbished product back within the next business day.

If you have a light that has tab(s) that have been broken, we can repair the tab(s) so once installed back in the vehicle, the repairs will not be detectable. We will also include resurfacing the lens to like factory condition when we repair tab(s). After receiving the light, we will ship the refurbished product back within two business days.

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