Manzana Quality Auto Metal Recycling

Manzana Quality Auto Metal Recycling

14955 Westwoods Road
Wright City, MO 63390

Phone: (877) 661-4909
Fax: (636) 745-2525

We Specialize In Foreign And Domestic Cars And Trucks.

Automobile Salvage, Surplus And Salvage Merchandise, Towing, Truck Wrecking

Proudly Serving Our Community For Over 50 Years With A Courteous Sales Staff And Quality Recycled Auto Parts.

70’S, 80’S, 90’S All Make And Models.

Our Job Is To First Earn Your Respect And Then Work Hard To Maintain The Highest Levels Of Quality, Service And Integrity, While Providing Quality Recycled Automotive Parts At Reasonable Prices. Our Expert Staff Is Ready To Assist You In Finding The Parts You Need, Either From Our Specialized Inventory Or Through Our Nationwide Locating Service.

Our 37 acre junk yard in Wright City, MO is full of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, all of which we pay top dollar for! We purchase scrap metal from both industrial sources and the general public. Whether it’s e-scrap, aluminum, brass, copper, or any grade of steel; we’re more than willing to take it off your hands for a great price.

Junk yards provide a safe haven for scrap metal and used auto parts, and we at Manzana Quality Auto Metal Recycling, formerly known as Quality Auto Salvage, do just that… and more! Since 1962, we have seen our junk yards grow to a 37 acre plot of land encompassing a large portion of Wright City, MO while locally serving the greater St Louis area as well as abroad. Manzana Quality Auto Metal Recycling has expanded upon the previous capabilites of the company, currently offering inexpensive and quality used auto parts while simultaneously purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, junk cars as well as e-scrap for our junk yard stockpiles.

Our full service junk yards are much more than a final resting place for wrecked vehicles, as they either assume the role of being crushed for scrap metal or salvaged for used car parts everything is used! Every vehicle we purchase through our Cash for Cars service increases the stockpile of our junk yards daily, so continuously looking for that rare part will not be in vain. In addition, we have two state certified scales for both trucks and smaller, non-ferrous retail metals.

Although we locally serve the greater St. Louis area, many of our used car parts for sale are available on our eBay store for your convenience. Essentially providing a virtual junk yard specifically for used auto parts, our eBay store is a great place to start your search.

We welcome both automotive enthusiasts and the general public to curiously browse our vast junk yards, as you never know what you may find! Whether it’s the elusive, rare parts for the old restoration project or simply a tail light; our full service junk yards have you covered.

Contact us for any personal inquiry.

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