Prathers Auto Salvage

Prathers Auto Salvage

Phone: 660-263-6537

We Have A Large Selection Of All Makes And Models Foreign And Domestic Auto, Light Truck And Van. We Carry A Complete Line Foreign And Domestic Cars And Trucks Including Trucks 1 Ton And Larger.

Prathers Auto Salvage Offers Demolition Services, Construction Site Clean Up, Rubbish Removal And Used Building Material Sales, As Well As Auto Wrecking And Scrap Metal Recycling.

Family Owned And Operated Salvage Yard Since 1995. Used Auto Parts Buying And Selling Of All Metals Including Alluminum Auto Crushing.

20 acers of late model car@trucks

In Missouri, Prathers Auto Salvage Is Focused On Junk Yard Car Parts, Places To Sell Scrap Metal, Yard Junk, Scrap Yard For Car Parts, Buy Used Cars, Iron Recycling Prices And Auto Salvage Car Parts.

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9 comments on “Prathers Auto Salvage
  1. Lois Walker says:

    I need 4 good tires. size 75/15… mine are about shot. Please let me know if you have any and the price as I am on a VERY low income and need to have a car that can travel, as I have a badly hadycapped daughter I take to Columbia sometimes 2 x a mo.

  2. Brown says:

    could i get a price on sum doors for a 2001 ford taurus

  3. jeffwillis says:

    im needing a hood for an 04 mercury sable. color isn’t important

  4. Don Burgett says:

    Looking for passenger front and back door for a 2002 Chrysler town and country… any color

  5. Billy Meachum says:

    This is Billy meachum my 2005 escape has a bad transfer case and I don’t have the money to fix it and looking for options to get what money I can get for it

  6. John A Teel says:

    I’m in need of a window regulator with the clips for a 2005 BMW X5 passenger side front door

  7. Terra says:

    Need van seats for a 2001 Ford windstar any ideas?

  8. Middle Grove says:

    I am looking for a good used 5 speed transmission/transaxle for an 02 Dodge neon 2.o Base model (not R/T or ACR) Needs to have a good speedometer drive gear. Mine has a loose or broken speedometer gear which is plastic and replacable but no longer available thru MOPAR so the only option is to replace the entire trans with one that has a good gear in it.

    Thank you

  9. Joe sveda says:

    Looking for a 15”x 6” stock Chevy wheel for older Chevy

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