Van Wert Auto Salvage

Van Wert Auto Salvage

Phone: 419-749-1117
Cell: 800-635-8378

Engine Replacement Parts. We Sell Used Oil Pans, Distributors, Injectors, Brackets, Flywheels, Timing Chain Covers, Balancers, Valve Covers, Mounts, Exhaust Manifolds, Engine Bolts, Intakes, Carburetors, And More.

Van Wert Auto Salvage Is A Cutting Edge Salvage Yard With An Enormous Inventory Of Parts. Van Wert Auto Salvage Also Has Links To Over 3000 Salvage Yards, Thus Providing Customers With One Of The Most Comprehensive Parts Locating Service In The Country.

In Ohio, Van Wert Auto Salvage Is Focused On Junkyard Used Car Parts, Junkyard Parts Locator, Junk A Car, Pick And Pull Auto Wreckers, New Car Salvage Yard, Wreck Yard And Scrap Recycling.

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