Wayne’s Auto

Wayne’s Auto

Phone: 330-343-9322
Cell: 800-545-7809
Fax: 330-343-1114

Our Nationwide Parts Locating Service Allows All Parts To Be Found In Quickly!

Wayne’s Auto Carries Import And Domestic Parts For Cars And Light Trucks From 1990 To The Present. We Are A Modern State-Of-The-Art Automotive Recycling Facility With Thousands Of Parts Vehicles Processed Yearly.

We Are The World’s Largest Corvette Only Salvage Yard Selling Top Quality New And Used Corvette Parts Discounted At 50% Or Less Of Dealer Pricing.

Our specialities include S-10 Blazer, S-10 Pickups (65% GM), Pickups 1 Ton and Down. 4×4 and 2WD.

In Ohio, Wayne’s Auto Is Focused On Scrap Yard Auto Parts, Copper Scrap Metal Prices, Junkyard Parts For Sale, Scrap Metal Suppliers, Scrap Metal Salvage, Auto Yard And Salvage Yard For Cars.

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