Salvage City

Salvage City

Phone: 580-924-8550
Cell: 877-334-2887

We Handle Imported And Domestic Parts.

Nationwide Shipping. Free Wholesale Local Delivery. We Ship New And Used Parts To Many Geographical Locations. Most Small Items Are Shipped Via Ups. If You Have Any Questions About Our Warranty, Please Call Us Before Proceeding With Repairs.

We Listen To Your Needs And Concerns And Provide You With The Best Possible Solution. No Matter What Brand Of Vehicle You Own, Its Age Or Condition, We Make Selling Cars For Cash Fast And Painless.

12.5 acers of Domestic and some foreign salvage

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Salvage Parts Locator, The Salvage Yard, Recycling Yard, Salvage Yard For Cars, Junkyard Locator, Auto Wrecker Parts And Used Auto Parts Local.

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