Covington Salvage Yard

Covington Salvage Yard

Phone: 570-659-5331

We Carry Used, Late Model American And Foreign Auto, Truck, Suv And Van Parts As Well As Aftermarket Parts.

Since 1983 Covington Salvage Yard Has Grown To Be A Leader In The Auto Recycling Industry. Over 75 Acres Of Vehicles In 3 Locations And A Huge 65,000 Sq. Ft. Parts Warehouse Make Covington Salvage Yard One Of The Largest Auto Recyclers In The Country.

Our Company Specializes In The Sale Of Iron And Steel Scrap Metal, Mainly Hms #1, Ship-Breaking And Other Thick Steel Scrap, And Used Rails, Mostly Originating From Russia, Ukraine, And Kazakhstan.

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Car Removal, Buy Car Parts, Junk Cars For Cash, Car To Scrap, Car Scrap, Buy Scrap Cars, Junk Yard Auto Parts, Recyclage Auto And Scrap Car.

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