Don’s Auto & Salvage

Don’s Auto & Salvage

Phone: 570-344-3780

We Specialize In Late Model Ford And Checrolet Trucks And Suv’s. We Also Do Rebuilt Ford And Chevrolet Rear End Assemblies.

Over 20,000 New, Used Or Reconditioned Hubcaps And Wheel Covers. Have Most Everything From Model T To Present Day Caps. Always Send Picture E-Mails To Confirm Condition And Style So There Are No Surprises. Thirty Years Experience

Welcome We Mosty Have Headlights And Tail Lights Side Mirrors For Vehicles.

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Scrap Metal Prices Per Ton, Auto Parts, Cash For Scrap Metal, Junkyard Salvage Auto Parts, New And Used Auto Parts, Recycle Car And Scrap Cars Wanted.

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