Auto Parts Unlimited

Auto Parts Unlimited

756 Camp Ground Road
Manchester, TN 37355

Phone: (931) 728-5997
Cell: 800-548-4727
Fax: (931) 723-1675

We Also Welcome Insurance Claims And Give A Lifetime Warranty On Services. We Also Offer Savings On The Auto Repair Performed To Your Vehicle.

We Carry Used, Late Model American And Foreign Auto, Truck, Suv And Van Parts As Well As Aftermarket Parts.

We Are A Full Service Auto Salvage And Automotive Recycling Center. Our Inventory Is Computerized And Highly Accurate, And Our Helpful Staff Will Make Every Effort To Find The Part You Need, Even Locating It Elsewhere In The Country, If Needed!

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Pick And Pull Junkyard, Scrap Auto Parts, Auto Salvage Junk Yard, Scrap Places, Sell Car Parts, Junkyard Salvage Auto Parts And Scrap Recycling.

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