Auto Truck Salvage

Auto Truck Salvage

Phone: 423-323-0325
Cell: 800-788-0155
Fax: 423-538-4684

We Make Every Effort To Buy Low Mileage, Clean Salvage Vehicles So We Can Stand Behind Our Parts With An Industry Leading Standard 6 Month Warranty At No Extra Charge As Well As Offering Affordable Extended Warranty Coverage.

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Formerly: ENTERPRISE TRUCK PARTS Specializing in Used Parts For Compact, Mid-Size and Full Size Pickup Trucks and Autos. We Also Have Vans and SUVs, Both 2 and 4 Wheel Drive

In Tennessee, Auto Truck Salvage Is Focused On Salvage Scrap Metal, Recycling Scrap Metal, Automotive Recyclers, Pick And Pull Auto Parts, Car Parts Recycling, Junk Cars Parts And Auto Recycler Parts.

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