Knox Auto Parts

Knox Auto Parts

Phone: 423-690-4223
Cell: 888-242-8733

We Buy Junk Cars!! We Sell Parts For Most Makes And Models.. Just Ask!! We Specialise In Mazda, Nissan And Toyota. Check Out Our Website.

We Have A Large Selection Of Tires, Wheels And Wheel Covers.

All Eras Of Mazdas, Toyotas And Nissans. Can Locate American Products Just The Same! We Are Always On The Road In Route For Your Part. Leave Us A Message Via Email Or Phone About The Part You Inquire And We Will Get You To It!

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Metal Salvage, Wreck Yard Auto Parts, Salvage Junk Yard, Scrap Yard Locator, Recycling Scrap Metal Prices, Scrap Metal Prices Pa And Salvage Auto Parts Locator.

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