All Makes Auto Parts

All Makes Auto Parts

Phone: 210-649-2002

12 Acres Of Used Auto Parts And Rebuildable Cars And Trucks.Presently In Our Twentieth Year Of Doing Business. We Are Presently Using The Hollander Yard Management System With Eden Parts Locating Nationwide,As Well As Shipping.

All Makes Auto Parts Is A Unique And Qualified Supplier With A Team That Is Proud To Offer Trustworthy, Straightforward No-Nonsense Assistance To Get You Where You Need To Be. We Are Nationally Listed And Handle Hundreds Of Service Calls Daily. We Offer Every Part Available And Ship Parts To All Parts Of Us.

Texas’s Best Source For Selling Cars To Junk Yard, Copper Scrap Yard, Iron Recycling Prices, Salvage Parts, Car Scrap Dealers, Auto Scrap Yard, Junk Car Removal And Car Junk Parts.

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