B & R Auto

B & R Auto

Phone: 214-391-1163
Cell: 800-442-1163
E-mail: roberthubbard@brauto.com

Supplier Of New Quality Replacment Radiators, Condensors,Gas Tanks, And Mirrors For American, Foriegn, And Suv’s

B & R Auto Is Privately-Owned And Operated. Since Our Company Opened Its Doors In 1990, We’ve Treated Every Customer Like They Were A Part Of Our Family. Other Companies May Offer Similar Services, But Our Services Are The Best, And Come With A Personal Touch.

10,000 Cars And Trucks. We Have The Parts You Need

Large yard in Dallas area; highly competitive pricing; great reputation for customer satisfaction; we deal; always looking to buy cars too!

B & R Auto Provides Texas With Prices Salvage Yard, Car Parts Recycling, Auto Dismantlers, Car Yard Parts, Car Parts Junkyard, Salvage Lot, Yard Metals, Scrap Auto And Recycled Parts.

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