Crain Auto Salvage, Inc.

Crain Auto Salvage, Inc.

Phone: 817-336-5842
Cell: 800-397-9497
Fax: 817-332-4755

With 13 Acres Of Used Import Auto Parts. We Have A Large Selection Of Pulled And Tested Engines, Transmissions, Starters, Alternators, Ac Compressors And Many Other Parts.

Saving Classic Cars And Parts And Getting Them To Someone That Can Use Them.

Extended Warranties And Labor Claims Are Also Available Upon Request.

Do You Need A Part For Your Automobile, But Don’t Want To Take The Hit Of Paying Outrageous Prices That New Parts Cost These Days? Come On Down To Crain Auto Salvage, Inc. And We Will Pull The Part, And Even Deliver It

At Crain Auto Salvage, Inc., We Know Junkyard Auto Parts, Scrap Metal Yard, Car Scrap Metal, Parts Salvage, Scrap Yard Locator, Selling Cars To Junk Yard, Junkyard For Cars And Wreck Yard Auto Parts.

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