All Japanese Recycling

All Japanese Recycling

Phone: 801-280-0444
Cell: 800-522-0444

Lowest Prices In Utah! 60 Day Warranty! Established In 1979!

We Are Also Committed To Provide The Highest Quality Recycled Auto Parts To Our Customers. High Discounts On Oem Quality Recycled Parts.

We Specialize In Used Auto Parts Primarily For Mazda, Isuzu, Suzuki, Ford Probe And Ford Ranger Cars. We Are A Full Service Wrecking Yard, We Pull The Parts And Bring Them To The Customer.

We sell used, waranteed auto parts, for domestic and foreign cars specializing in Japanese automobiles. We are part of a 2000 member computer communication service, so we can find most parts quickly.

Our Business Is Focused On Specialing In Junk Yard For Cars, Selling Cars To Junk Yard, Sell Car To Salvage Yard, Price For Scrap Metal, Junkyard Auto Salvage And Salvage Junk Cars.

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