Nokomis Recycling

Nokomis Recycling

Phone: 715-453-8544

Whether We Pull It For You Or You Prefer To Do It Yourself, You’ll Find Something Matching Almost Any Make Or Model.

Gm Salvage Specialists.

Nokomis Recycling Is A Growing Company, Which Keeps An Excess Of 15,000 Airbags And Airbag Accessories On Hand At All Times.

Founded In 1934, Nokomis Recycling Has Over 65 Years Of Experience In Quality Parts And Friendly Service. Located On Over 50 Acres, Nokomis Recycling Dismantles Over 3,000 Vehicles Annually.

Nokomis Recycling Provides Wisconsin With Used Parts Junk Yard, Truck Salvage Yard, Auto Scrap, Auto Truck Salvage, Metal Recycling, Junk Auto Parts, Yard Junk, Scrap Metal And Scrap Parts.

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