R & R Diesel

R & R Diesel

Phone: 706-628-5433
Fax: 706-628-4397
E-mail: kman164991435@cs.com

Averaging Over 800 Vehicles For The Public To Salvage. Check Back Often For Specific Parts If Needed. R & R Diesel Receives New Wrecked Vehicles Daily, So Replacement Vehicles Are Rotating Through On A Regular Basis.

R & R Diesel Currently Offers Inexpensive And Quality Used Auto Parts While Simultaneously Purchasing Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Metals, Junk Cars As Well As Scrap For Our Junk Yard Stockpiles.

R & R Diesel Provides Georgia With Auto Parts Yard, Salvage Yard, Selling A Car To A Salvage Yard, Used Salvage Auto Parts, Auto Recycle Yard, Scrap Yard Car Parts And Junk Yard Websites.

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